Hector Liquidation

Emissions Plan

Depositing into the Emission plan requires time locking tokens. Be sure to carefully read every detail before locking tokens.

The Emission plan is a structured approach to creating sustainable supply growth for the HEC token. It is designed to provide regular, calculated rewards for those who stake HEC while mitigating token inflation. The plan consists of a 2-year roadmap, divided into 13 periods of 8 weeks. In each period, the tokens emitted by the plan are reduced by 25% of the previous period. The longer a user locks their tokens into any Emission Plan Farm, the higher the return. Tokens can be locked for up to 3 years.

Once locked, tokens are inaccessible until the lock period has passed. Please confirm the lock period is correct before continuing.

Depositing into the Emission Plan Farms is only available on Fantom. If you have HEC on another chain, you can bridge it to Fantom.

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